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The Story

Singapore-based FurVacay is an online pet-sitting portal that makes pet parents' lives easier by connecting them with trusted local caretakers.

The idea for FurVacay was born when the company’s founder couldn’t find an easier way to look for available pet sitters around him before his long vacations sometimes.

“What if we build a website for pet sitters to come together and upload their services, fees and availability? I can just look at the map, find the closest ones, compare their prices and then book and pay online. That would be so convenient!”

Our mission was to turn his idea into a reality.

So, What Have We Done?

Custom Web Design

FurVacay's Color Palette

More than just a standard WooCommerce online store, FurVacay is a full-fledged WooCommerce Booking website with highly customized tools built for both pet owners and pet sitters.

With more customized features come more complex user interface – we needed a neutral color palette that helps users in navigating the website without distraction.

We introduced FurVacay’s Color Palette with white as base color, Flamingo Red as the main accent color and Medium Sea Green as the secondary color.

Responsive Design for All Screens, All User Types, Frontend and Backend

Forgoing the idea of building FurVacay’s mobile apps means the website has to be as “mobile” as possible.

Our challenge was to simplify multiple levels of navigation (e.g. tabs, sub-menus) on dashboards for smaller screens while not compromising on functionality.

From Super Admin’s Dashboard, Pet Owner’s Dashboard to Pet Sitter’s Dashboard, all sections are responsive and optimized to work on mobile devices. (No more “sorry-I-don’t-have-access-to-computer-now” situation.)


FurVacay’s design uses a combination of two popular Google Fonts: Lato and Raleway.

Lato for headings and body text while Raleway for form and button elements.

Find Pet Sitters Near You.Check Availability Now.Book and Pay Online.

WooCommerce Bookings

With premium plugin WooCommerce Bookings by WooCommerce and custom coding, we built the foundation for FurVacay.

We extended default WooCommerce “Product” into bookable “Service” with flexible add-ons, created custom user roles for different account types and utilized “Job Manager” plugin to handle pet sitters’ services database.

Google Map Integration

What better way to find the nearest contacts than using Map? Exactly. With Google Maps integration, we’re able to display all registered pet sitters on the map, and show you the nearest ones by using your location.

Custom Sign-up Process.User Account Approval.

We crafted different yet simple sign-up processes for pet owners and pet sitters by extending WordPress’ default user registration module.

For Pet Sitters, essential information is collected during the sign-up process and their accounts will be published once they’re verified by the FurVacay team.

Pet Owners can upload information about their pets on their account – this helps Pet Sitters to get to know more about the pets before accepting their booking requests.

More Custom Tools for Pet Sitters

To help Pet sitters to better manage their business, we’ve also built other useful tools and features into the website.