Age plays a vital role in deciding how much effort we’d put into ‘change’ in our lives.

If you let it, sometimes ‘age’ discourages you. “I’m too old for this.” “I should have done this X years ago.” “Be realistic because you’re not young anymore.” “It’s too late for this.” “Nobody is doing this now.” “You’ve missed your chance.”

As someone who’s been living life following own “timeline of life”, peer pressure is non-existence, and “achieving certain things at certain age” isn’t a guideline I use. Nonetheless, the year end and new year’s season often reminds me of my age, and all the other things that ‘aging’ entails. By the end of self-reflection, naturally, I questioned my own decision for changes.

But again, the conclusion is always the same: you only live once. The timing is never too late, never too early. Among many other things, the passing of my grandmother many years ago really helped solidified my belief system. You’d be surprised by how much ‘death’ can teach you, and the level of revelation it can bring.

Anytime is a good time. Start (or restart) now. With time, you’ll get there.