Feeling extra cheerful today because it’s “no appointment day”! I enjoy “deep work” moments at my desk, working uninterrupted on design/coding projects, and the satisfaction when I’m able to finally send the “ok done” email to clients 🤣

Unbeknownst to myself, what started out as curiosity 11 years ago turned into a passion to help people to make life (or business operation) easier with web technology. The moments the clients’ faces light up in front of you when you tell them their problems can be solved easily (and automatically) with tech and codes are priceless. I never have Monday Blue, and I think this passion is the reason.

The next phase should be learning how to delegate my works and to spread my knowledge and skills to other people. Too many things are happening on my plate now and it’s time to reorganise and prioritise 🫣

On the other hand, @zus.coffee CHAMPUR is officially my all-time favourite coffee 😱 Start my day right with my favourite coffee. #zuscoffee #workinprogress #lifeisbeautiful #entrepreneurlife