A new tattoo and a new healing process starts now LOL. It’s a little swollen and “red” currently. On average, my tattoo takes 3 weeks to heal completely. The healed tattoo would look shrunken about 3% and the black ink would fade a little and look more blend-in with my skin tone, losing the “marker pen” effect.

“镜花水月” (English: “Mirror Flower, Water Moon”; Japanese: “Kyoka Suigetsu”) is a Chinese/Japanese proverb that literally means “flowers reflected on a mirror and the moon reflected in the water” – it describes something that is visible but not attainable. The real flowers are on another side of the mirror, while the moon is far far away out in the space. What you see is nothing more than an illusion.

Many things in life and in our reality are sometimes just that. I have had reminded myself of this proverb many times in my life whenever things get complicated or when I feel like I’m working towards an “illusion” I don’t really want or care about but are celebrated by the society.

“Does this matter to you next year on the same day?”
“Does it matter to you 20 years from now?”
“Does it make you happy?”

This proverb has always been my personal mantra.

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