The most expensive toothbrush I’ve ever bought.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 @philipssonicare Retailed at RM949 but bought it on sales during 11.11 😏 Apparently Sonicare series is quite popular among dentists. Took the plunge after watching YouTube videos by @dr_grace__ recommending similar model from this series, and hers lasted for 10 years. Haven’t starting using it yet, but there are a few great things I like about it:

* It includes brushing mode for whiter teeth
* It comes with a brushing app that monitors how you brush your teeth, and then tell you how you can brush your teeth better with Sonicare (e.g. how long you should brush, how much pressure you should use, which area you’ve missed). The app syncs with Apple Health app.
* It looks stylish and sturdy
* It also comes with a stylish travel case.
* Wireless charging, in the form of a charging base below a glass cup. So you just leave your Sonicare in the “charging cup” and it’ll start charging. No USB hole or whatever. So clever, no?

I’ve been having bleeding gums and honestly I’ve never really paid much attention to my oral health. (Brushing teeth is something that I just get it over with quickly.) Here’s to whiter, healthier teeth!